We at Deepak packers and movers are providing various relocation services. These services include Packing and moving services of house hold, car transportation, loading and unloading services, corporate goods relocation, freight forwarding, international logistics. We offer these services to save your valuable time and lessen your inconvenience while relocating.

Office Relocations happens for many reasons. It may happen due to company expansion from one place to other or due to office renovation. If you plan to relocate your company, you need to dedicate ample amount of time and hard work. Corporate goods relocation is not an easy task. Leave the hard work on Deepak packers and movers. The time taken by us for packing will definitely be ideal, as it is something we do with passion and it’s our every day job. We know the best ways of packing quickly and effectively.

Commercial relocation demands a lot of attention, planning and experience. Deepak packers and movers are one of the best in providing the corporate relocation services. We ensure that our customers are free of stress and unnecessary hassles that occur during relocation.

How we provide Relocation Services

  • Once our customer contacts us by phone or mail, we enquire about the details of the service and the location where packing has to be done.
  • We visit the client’s place and comprehensively go examine each and every detail like, type of goods to be transferred, by what time has to be transferred and the place where the goods have to be transported.
  • Our team of experts will draft a rough plan with the help of your team (the people who take care of all the office relocation process).
  • Depending on the client’s requirement specifications, the quotation will be prepared.
  • Office relocation is done on the assigned day and products are delivered on the due day. Payment need to be made on the due date.

Relocation Tips

The corporate office relocation begins right from the planning stage itself. You need to plan in advance, so that you can minimize the time and avoid the unnecessary chaos. In order to make your relocation successful you need the right company with reasonable pricing. Here are our tips on relocation:
  • Organize - Office relocation involves all minor and major issues. Plan ahead so that you can have ample amount of time. Organize all the files based on the priority. Clear all the unnecessary paper work. Organize them based on the departments.
  • Plan - Make a rough layout plan of the relocation. Office relocation involves shifting of entire office, so we take extreme care while relocating.
  • Check-list - Make check list individually for all the departments. Make a checklist of used and unused furniture. If you find that the furniture not useable at new place, it’s better to dispose it (or) donate it to the needy.
  • Time schedule – Prepare a time schedule of the entire relocation process. Right from the day of packing to the day of delivery.
  • Responsibility – Notify your staff priorly. Organize the staff and assign them their responsibility in relocation process. Notify the engineers and electricians so that on the delivery day they can assemble the electronic devices or any machinery etc.
  • Estimation - Make a rough estimation about the cost of relocation.
Make a list of the things to be packed and “leave behinds”. We suggest you to personally take care of highly confidential papers and things priorly.

Deepak packers and movers are one of the best Corporate Relocation company in Hyderabad. Workplace relocation is a hectic job, but proper planning and hiring us makes your entire journey run smoothly!