International Relocation is a complex and tedious process. As soon as we think about it we tend to get confused about where to begin. International relocation is quite common now-a-days. Our outstanding shifting and relocation services made us one of the best international relocation companies. We have a name and presence in the International Packers and Movers industry.

International relocation means, dealing with new customs, traditions, new language, new rules and regulations. International relocation involves lot of adjustments and stress .For all your international relocation needs we are just a call away! We are committed to minimize your stress and make your international move joyful. While relocating within the nation also involves process of packing, loading and unloading. It is straight and clear path. International relocation involves multiple steps, as there will be a lot of paper work involved apart from the regular packing and moving.

Special packing items are absolutely essential for the items which are to shipped overseas. The fragile items have to be packed with extra care. Packing has to be done by the movers only. Each and every item that is shipped has to be listed. We ensure that your possessions are packed in an organized way. They will reach you in a safe condition just as they were when they were packed. . We make sure we use quality packing material...Deepak packers and movers are well aquatinted with overseas transit protection policies and documentation requirements.

Each and every country has certain prohibited items. Specially agriculture, pharmaceutical, food industries may need certifications. Some things cannot be shipped internationally; Each and every country has a certain boycotted manufactures or materials which are prohibited… Such items cannot be shipped. Such items may require special certification which is why, every year many shipments throughout the world are kept on hold at customs due to improper documentation. In International packers and movers the rules have to be followed strictly. We are extremely diligent and very particular in such cases so as to ensure swift movement without any confusion.

We also provide freight forwarding and international logistics. Freight forwarding is the most used service in Automobiles industry where frequently imports and exports takes place. One should know that the custom duty varies for different countries. The package delivery takes certain time as every shipment that arrives will go through a customs-clearance process that may take days and sometimes weeks.

The international shipping is done in two ways: Air freight or Ocean freight. In either case, we have advantages and disadvantages. Whether shipping through air or by ocean depends on the customer requirement. Deepak packers and movers provide both air and ocean freight.

If time is a constraint then air freight is the best. Air freight takes less time as compared to ocean freight. A shipment is delivered in fewer days, but in case of ocean freight it takes about few weeks. Air freight has certain restrictions on the types of products that can be carried such as flammable items, War weapons etc. are not allowed in air freight. Ocean freight is subject to extreme temperatures and moisture levels. The primary benefit of using air freight is the speed, air freight is charged based on weight of the shipment rather than container size. In case of ocean freight, the charges are based on the container size rather than weight. If the shipment is of less weight it’s better to ship through air freight. Air freight can reach more number of cities than ocean freight. Some countries may not have ports to avail cargo vessel. Which freight forwarding services has to be chosen depends solely on the client requirement. .

Our company is one of the best International Relocation Company in Hyderabad. We have loyal customers overseas availing our services frequently. Apart from International relocation we provide as packers and movers, car carriers, corporate relocation and loading and unloading services. .